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October 2019 Kit: LEDs in Resin

YouTube tutorial here.

Sold Out.


2-Part resin (1:1 ratio) - 200mL

Animal figure mold

Large alphabet & numbers mold

1 meter long LED strand (10 lights)

2 meter long LED strand (20 lights)

Semi-clear pigment dye in light purple

Chunky glitter - set of 12 colors

Illustrated LED animals button designed by @jade.grove


Make an LED animal figure & word/letter art that lights up!

Each kit came with one animal mold (either a deer, rabbit, or unicorn) unless upgraded to include all three.


A very lit kit! *shudders*

I used to design clothes for fashion shows back in college for a few semesters. One time, I incorporated LED light strands into the outfits. This kit combines my love of LEDs with resin!

The finished projects make beautiful night lights & decoration pieces.

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