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November 2019 Kit: Delicate Jewelry

YouTube tutorial here.

Purchase here (while supplies last)!


Brush-On UV Varnish & Sealer

Pink UV Resin 10mL (Opaque)

Yellow UV Resin 10mL (Opaque)

White UV Resin 10mL (Opaque)

Chalk Pastels (12 colors)

26 Gauge Craft Wire

Ring Bases (3)

Pin Findings (3 Sets)

Metal Findings Set

Shrink Plastic

Tape Squares (5)


Illustrated floral wreath button designed by @jade.grove


Make wire flowers & delicate, soft looking jewelry using chalk pastels & shrink plastic.For inspiration on the types of projects you can make, see the dedicated Pinterest board here.


This box was inspired by a couple trends I've seen on Japanese craft Instagrams - wire flowers using UV Resin & elevated shrink plastic.

Both the shrink plastic and working with wire flowers is nostalgic for me. I used to love shrink plastic as a kid & I also had a wire flower craft kit at a young age. That particular kit involved dipping wire petals into a gel-like material in order to make the projects.

This kit takes both those trends and ideas and combines them with UV Resin.

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