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May 2019 Kit: UV Resin Jewelry & Accessories

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

YouTube tutorial here.

Sold out.


Clear UV Resin (25g)

Resin colorant in pink (10g) and green (10g)

Gems silicone mold

Jewelry tag silicone mold

BFF heart mold

A pair of chain-nose pliers

A box with 12 different types of embellishments

Two blank phone grippies

3 sheets of iridescent film (colors vary)

An 18 inch gold necklace chain

Two heart clip keychains

A blank gold star hairpin

A gold ring with star cutouts for DIY

A piece of clear specialty tape meant to help cure UV resin

Two sizes/bags of gold jump rings

An illustrated shiba inu sticker by @jade.grove

An illustrated gemstone jewelry pin by @jade.grove


Tools and supplies to make several UV Resin jewelry and accessories.

Make and customize a necklace, a ring, a hairpin, two phone grips, and two keychains.


There were a lot of parts/supplies to this kit!

I wanted to curate a nice mixture of items in order for subscribers to make all kinds of jewelry & accessories. I stayed clear of including earring findings, as not everyone has pierced ears. I also wanted to include options to make accessories for those who do not wear jewelry (the phone grips & keychains).

I loved making the phone grips in particular myself and this really kicked off my grippie obsession!

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