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March Theme Reveal!

Like an advent calendar for craft supplies.

March is going to be a bit of a different kit. There will be 30 supplies/items in the box. Each item corresponds to a day of the month.

But Liz, March has 31 days.

Well, I've never been good at remembering which months have which number of days. But, no, the days are actually for April. Because the boxes will ship early March, that will give enough time for subscribers to receive the kits, plan out, and even make crafts ahead of the April challenge month.


Early March: kits ship out and should be delivered by early in the month for U.S. subscribers. This should be enough time for my international subscribers to receive them by end of month as well.

Full month of April: Each day will have a "theme" (think Inktober) & associated craft supply. The supply for that day is to inspire you and to use in whatever medium you see fit (resin, clay, woodworking, paper crafting, etc).

Each day, you can post your themed craft on Instagram & see what others made! There will be a special hashtag. I will also post a daily, curated collection of crafts from each theme. Don't worry if you miss or want to skip some themes - you can pick it back up again at any time!


I came up for the idea for this kit by placing myself in your shoes. If I was a subscriber, what theme or type of box would get me really excited and inspired to craft more?

That's when I came up with this battle plan. I really hope it inspires everyone to get crafty and invigorates your creative juices!

Who Can Participate?

The month of April will be a dedicated crafty month with daily themes. Anyone can join in and try their hands (literally) at making something for the daily challenges. I want this to be an inclusive event to expand the community. You will be encouraged to check out other's works & comment on them. Let's be friends!

The March subscription box will help you with the themes (as each item it related to that daily theme). And if you are not interested in doing the challenges, you will receive a bunch of new craft supplies either way!


There will be prizes for those who participate in the daily challenges (subscriber or not). I am still working out the details but will announce more soon!

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