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March 2019 Kit: Herbariums

Updated: Jan 30

YouTube tutorial here.

Sold out!


Glass bottle with silver cap

Herbarium/Shaker pens (2 colors chosen at random from pink, yellow, purple, or green)

Crystal silicone oil, 240mL

Dried flower arrangement (Baby’s Breath, Sisal, Lagurus) - color chosen at random between pink, yellow, purple, or green

Sisal bunch - color chosen at random

Bottle labels

Film inserts

Dried fruit slices (do not eat!)

Dried flower mix box


Styrofoam half dome


Make your own underwater-looking floral arrangements!

Herbariums are dried flowers/leaves arrangements preserved in silicone oil. They have a fairy-tail feel and will last for a long time! My herbariums from over a year ago are still going strong!

Includes supplies to make one finished herbarium bottle & two herbarium, working pens.


I saw the herbarium trend from Japanese craft suppliers, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest. I knew I had to put together a kit for these beautiful projects!

I dried the fruit slices myself using my oven and dried the flowers in the smaller box using various flower drying methods (hanging upside down, pressing, and using flower drying sand).

I actually recorded a tutorial of how to dry fruit slices & flowers but never got around to posting it. Now, I feel like it is a bit outdated even though the methods are still the same. Hopefully I can finish and post these tutorials in the future!

I also printed the film and labels for the bottles myself. Add a label to the outside of your herbarium for a refined look! You can also use the "thank you" or "happy birthday" labels to make a beautiful, hand made gift.

This was the only month from the first year of kit that did not included a button. My designer (also my sister!) was feeling a bit of art burnout this month. Craft Kitsune is owned & run by me, Liz with help from my sister, who does the graphic designs. We are real humans and sometimes can be overwhelmed. We appreciate all the support we've received and your understanding!

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