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January 2019 Kit: Air Dry Clay

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The second Kawaii Craft Kits box! & the first clay related kit!

YouTube tutorial here.

Sold out.


Cosmos Air Dry Clay

Grace Color Sticks in Pink and Light Brown

Miniature cake stand

Tamiya Baking Master

Tamiya Topping Master in Powdered Sugar

Fake Whipped Cream (Deco Whip)

A bag of extras and findings (fake sprinkles, fake chocolate chips, keychain blanks, eyepins, extra applicator for Tamiya Baking Kit)

Illustrated swiss roll pin designed by @jade.grove. In either strawberry or chocolate.


This kit had more of a free-form feel to it in terms of projects you can make vs. the previous December kit.

The theme was miniature baked goods.

The supplies included lend themselves to making realistic looking fake desserts, pastries, and more! A tiny cake stand was also included as well as a keychain blank in order to show off finished pieces.


Most of the supplies in this box were sourced and shipped from Japan. I included two Tamiya decoration series items, which are nearly impossible to find online to ship to the U.S. or super expensive!

I tested out about a dozen air dry clays from Japan before deciding that the Cosmos clay was my favorite and in my opinion, the best.

I hand made the fake sprinkles and chocolate chips. They are made out of polymer clay using a clay extruder. I baked thin rolls of brown clay for the chocolate chips and a mix of 5 colors for the sprinkles. Then I cut them into itty bitty chunks using a blade. After I gathered all the sprinkles/chips, I used a funnel and a spoon to package them into zip bags for all my wonderful subscribers :)

I don't think I would handmake embellishments like this again, as I have grown substantially in terms of subscribers since. However, I am always looking for ways to provide unique & exclusive items for Craft Kitsune!

Another fun fact is that I accidentally printed the brochures with "January 2018" on them, instead of 2019. I made the files for the printing while it was still 2018 and it slipped past me. So, I printed out a bunch of "9"s using the same font as on the brochure, cut them out, and tapped over the "8"s. I was disappointed in myself for this mistake, but I learned that sometimes you have to roll with the punches!

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