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February 2019 Kit: UV Resin Bezels!

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The first bezel kit!

YouTube tutorial here.

Sold out.


15g of clear UV Resin

10g semi-clear colored UV Resin in 5 colors (black, blue, pink, purple, and green)

Silicone mixing bowl

Jar of glitter

2 jars of metal embellishments in 2 different styles

3 piece gem-topped tool set

UV Flashlight

Black acrylic open bezels (4)

2-part wind chime bezels (2)

Gold circle bezel

Clear labels for taping bezels down

Designed transparent film

Bag of findings (gold tassel, gold keychain, 2 star keychains, jump rings, and a black cutout bookmark)

Illustrated wind chime pin designed by @jade.grove.


Open bezels! This kit included everything to get started with UV Resin & open bezels. There were two designs of Japanese style wind chimes that were two parts. There were two designs of black acrylic bezels. Finally, there was a thick gold circle bezel that you can fill in completely or make into a shaker!


I gathered up all my favorite open bezels into one kit! I wanted to include various styles of bezels. I also wanted to include as many colors of UV Resin as possible and findings to complete the pieces.

I cut out mat board into bookmark shapes with a half-circle cut out on the top. This way you can attach the circle black acrylic bezel on top, finish with a tassel, and ta-dah! It's a bookmark. I used my Cricut machine to do this. The mat board was so thick that it took several hours to cut out all the bookmarks but I loved the idea so much!

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