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December 2018 Kit: UV Resin Fish Ponds

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The very first Kawaii Craft Kits box!

YouTube tutorial here.

Sold out.


Large bottle (100g) of UV Resin

Masu Cup (made in Japan)

Bamboo serving dish

USB mini UV lamp

stickers to place in UV Resin - 1 sheet each of small plants/leaves, 7 small fish stickers, and 2 large fish stickers. The stye of fish are chosen at random.

Illustrated Koi fish pond pin designed by @jade.grove.


The fish stickers are placed in 3-4 layers (depending on size) of UV Resin to create a 3D effect.

This box included supplies to create two different styles of ponds - one using the square masu cup and one using the bamboo serving dish.


The 3D fish stickers are really what launched Kawaii Craft Kits!

I wanted to put together an all-inclusive kit around these stickers in order to let subscribers create their own fish ponds. I had been wanting to start a subscription box related to crafting for a while and grabbed onto this opportunity to curate a kit around this trending craft project. I wanted to take the guesswork out of the project and include everything needed to make this style of fish ponds.

This kit was so popular that I re-launched it. I offered this kit on a pre-order basis a couple months after the initial launch of Kawaii Craft Kits. This was due to receiving a lot of requests to bring it back.

The second run of kits also sold out!

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