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December 2019 Kit: Unique Bezels

The first "Craft Kitsune" branded kit!

YouTube tutorial here.

Purchase here (while supplies last)!


UV Resin - Clear 25m

Ceramic Bezel - Rectangle

Ceramic Bezel - Irregular Shape

Wood Circle Bezel - 40mm

Silver Hourglass Bezels (2)

Gold Wavy Ellipse Bezel

Wood Triangle Bezel

Dried Flowers Set

Crushed Shells Set

Light Purple Opaque Pigment

Tape Roll (made for UV Resin Crafting)

Illustrated "Crafty" sticker designed by @jade.grove


Make seven bezels in a variety of shapes & materials! Also included is a silicone mold to make your own bezel setting.


This kit is the second bezels box. However, it is the very first Craft Kitsune branded box! I wanted to include unusual bezels and bezels that are very different from the February 2019 Kawaii Craft Kit.

I included lots of different materials and shapes for the bezels with both open and closed backs.

The embellishment sets were chosen because they pair well with the bezels. I also included the crushed shell set that received slightly more votes when I polled on Instagram. It was between the one I ended up included and a different version of more refined shell pieces. I love getting y'all opinions!

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