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August 2019 Kit: Decoden

Updated: Mar 29

YouTube tutorial here.

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Fake whip cream in 3 colors (white, pink and light blue) with screw-on nozzles

Deco sauce in 2 colors (brown for chocolate and yellow for caramel)

40 cabochons in 4 themes (nautical, chocolate, happy, and baked goods)

Miniature fro-yo cup

Rhinestone strand

Miniature stickers

Blank card case keychain with pink bell

Craft supply organizer

Fake round sprinkles

Fake oreo dust

Illustrated fro-yo pin designed by @jade.grove


Get started with decoden! Enough supplies to decoden 3 guided projects (card case, flower-shaped organizer, and miniature frozen yogurt) with enough left over to come up with your own creations.


The first decoden box!

To be honest, I am not well-versed in decoden. However, I adore decoden crafts & wanted to let my subscribers try it out alongside me!

I find decoden extremely relaxing and soothing to do. I still need to improve my whip skills but that will come with practice.

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